Friday, July 20, 2018


alt SPRED (Special Religious Development)

SPRED is a parish based spiritual programme that exists to nurture and nourish faith in children and adults who have a learning disability.

Every person who joins SPRED is called both to learn more about their faith and share with other people the faith they already possess. As faith is a journey more can always be both learned and shared.

Central to SPRED is forming relationships. You will be asked to join a SPRED group within which you will have a particular special Friend (person with a learning disability). It is this relationship that will enable you both, to grow in faith.

The SPRED logo (above) consists of a red coloured shape against a background of greenness. The red shape represents both the flame of faith lit in the hearts of those involved in the SPRED programme and the very first shots of brand new life springing from the tomb of the earth, again symbolic of God’s life—always fresh and evergreen.

SPRED is part of the pastoral and catechetical life of five dioceses in Scotland: Glasgow, Motherwell, Paisley, St Andrew's and Edinburgh and Galloway ..

For more information on SPRED, please contact:

Mrs Emma Robertson
RE Office,
Gillis Centre,
100 Strathearn Road,
T: 0131 667 9202
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it