Friday, July 20, 2018
The Archdiocese Parishes

St Cuthbert's - Melrose


Parish Name St Cuthbert's
Church Address High Cross Avenue
Postal Address Catholic Presbytery
Market Street
Postcode TD1 1BY
Tel 01896 752328
Linked with Galashiels
Parish Priest The Reverend R. Kevin Murray MSc PhB STB (2004)
Mass Times

Sunday Morning 9.15 am (Melrose)
Sunday Morning 11.00 am (Galashiels)

Holy Day of Obligation

Morning Mass 10.00 am (Galashiels - normally in the school)
Evening Mass 6.30 pm (Melrose)

Population 360
Date Founded 1966 (built as a United Presbyterian Church)
Date Built 1985